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Carlos Pena and Luke Scott vs LH Starters


Carlos Pena has struggled throughout his career trying to achieve consistent production against left-handed pitching and has a career slash line of .210/.309/.426 in 1,464 PAs. Over his last three seasons he has hit .179/.306/.398 in 532 PA. In 2009 he hit .211/.332/.482 in 196 PA but he has struggled over the last two seasons hitting .159/.292/.348 in 336 PAs.


Luke Scott has been more consistent than Pena against LHP and has a career slash line of .240/.318/.469 in 569 PA. Over the last three seasons he has hit .241/.301/.511 in 312 PA.


During the 2012 season Joe Maddon will have to decide which starting pitchers to rest Pena or Scott against. The 2012 Rays interleague schedule includes the Miami Marlins, Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, and New York Mets. Using the projected rotations provided by for the 13 American League teams and the additional five interleague opponents a total of 27 probable left-handed starting pitchers was compiled.

Over the last three years against these left handed pitchers Carlos Pena has an OPS of .664 hitting .163/.270/.384 in 200 PA and Luke Scott has an OPS of .621 hitting .156/.204/.417. The shaded cells in the tables below indicate projected starters for AL East teams.



Pena has had his greatest success against Jon Lester of the Red Sox and Brett Cecil of the Blue Jays. He has hit 3 home runs against Lester in 28 PA and his only 4 hits against him are home runs. C.C. Sabathia has not only held Pena without a hit in 15 PA (1 BB) but he has struck him out 11 times. He has also struggled against Ricky Romero who has struck him out 5 times in 11 PAs.

Luke Scott has had his greatest success against John Danks and Jason Vargas but has struggled against Ricky Romero and has struck out in all 3 PA against Cole Hamels.