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At the suggestion of a few trusted and esteemed members of this community, we admins have decided to open up a thread for people to share their opinions on the direction the site has taken since the end of the regular season. This was last done nearly two years ago so clearly we are a bit overdue. We are interested in hearing your thoughts on what has transpired as well as what you would like to see on this site in the coming season that you have not yet seen.

In case you've forgotten the guidelines of this site, all we ask is this:

1. No personal attacks.

2. No slurs.

3. Keep an open mind, and use logic in arguments.

4. Stay on topic.

5. Limit the use of profanity to the gameday threads.

6. No anime (h/t to the legends that helped this place grow)

Please use the comments section below to provide your feedback on the past, present, and future. Everything reasonable will be taken into consideration after being weighed against what we as a staff are attempting to do to grow the site even further in 2012.

Thank you in advance for your cordial participation and continued patronage.