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Rays Tank: The Bad Rumors Edition

The "InsideNews" Twitter account (that I'm not repeating) who spread that ridiculous Longoria rumor is alive and kicking again. He insists that Prince Fielder is becoming a National as soon as he passes a physical. Keep in mind, he also said the Rays were trading Russ Canzler for Bobby Abreu six weeks ago and has since had Matt Garza traded to at least three teams. PSA of the day -- don't retweet that garbage. After all, Fielder is a Boras client and Heyman ALWAYS breaks those signings.

  • The Red Sox traded Marco Scutaro to free up some cash to presumably make a run at Roy Oswalt. They are going to go with Mike Aviles and Nick Punto at shorstop, if you are to take them at their word.
  • Tim Lincecum rejected the Giants offer of 5/100M over the weekend. Remember to thank whichever higher power you believe in for the Rays' management team every night because that could have easily been Matt Moore in a few years.
  • We've nearly filled up the first bus for the trip on March 11th. If you haven't signed up yet, do so this week as we need to turn in our final numbers by Friday.
  • Nick Cafardo thinks that Pena's addition frees the Rays up to trade B.J. Upton for help at shortstop or catcher, without mentioning any potential targets. Likely because there aren't any targets on the market right now.
  • In case you haven't noticed, and by the attendance numbers you haven't, your USF Bulls are 6-2 in Big East play. Good on them.
  • If you have SiriusXM radio, Rich Herrera has been hosting the Sunday afternoon show for the last two weeks. Not sure if this is a regular gig for him, but feel free to follow him at @RBIRich to see what he is up to these days.
Also, please take the time to look over the Festivus thread and leave any opinions you may have on the topic in there. The admins will refrain from commenting on anything until the day is over.