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The Rays Tank: David Price's Cutter, Jake Hager's Work Ethic, And Baseball In England

MLB Chatter

  • Bud Selig wants to add in an extra Wild Card in 2012. What do you think: too soon, or should he wait until after realignment? I could go either way. I don't see the big deal about getting the system going this upcoming season, but if the Rays are sitting in the Wild Card lead late in the year, I may feel differently about that.
  • I've generally assumed that Prince Fielder's contract was a massive overpay, but as Tom Tango spells out, it's not as bad a deal as you may think. If you look at comparable players to Fielder and how they have produced over the later half of their careers, it's not that bad. Unless, of course, you look a bit harder at that Cecil Fielder comp...
  • They play baseball in England? Apparently. Craig Robinson (the Flip Flop Flyball guy) recently interviewed the head of Great Britain Baseball, and it seems like the growth of the sport over there is an uphill battle.
  • If you haven't made a habit of reading David Laurila's interviews over at FanGraphs, I recommend you start. He has one with Lonnie Chisenhall (Indians infielder) up now, and they spend time talking about hitting approach. I always find it interesting to hear players get a little bit more in-depth when talking about the sport.

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