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The Rays Tank: Yankees fall to Detroit, face elimination.

The New York Yankees are on the brink of elimination after falling to Justin Verlander's Detroit Tigers, 2-1, Tuesday

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Something is not right with the New York Yankees. They cant hit, they can't fill their stadium and their superstar third-baseman is more interested in chasing tail than getting a hit. Weird, that sounds an awful lot like the Tampa Bay Rays.

With last nights third straight putrid offensive performance, albeit at the hands of 2011 Cy Young, MVP and Kate Upton dater Justin Verlander, the Yankees have dug themselves a massive whole in the ALCS; down 3-0 and having to win 2 in a row on the road in Detroit just to get back to a half empty Yankee Stadium. Rough.

On top of that already tall order, Cano suddenly can't hit, A-Rod continues to disappear in the playoffs, and C.C. Sabathia will likely start on short rest in game 4. While it is unclear if President Obama called Derek Jeter's broken ankle an act of terrorism in the Rose Garden, with his injury, combined with all the other factors, I feel it is pretty safe to call this series done. Bold prediction!

Thankfully, the Giants and Cardinals still give us hope for a competitive series, with Matt Holliday's slide only helping to add an extra layer of intrigue to tonight's Loshe-Cain match-up in St. Louis. Was it late? Dirty? Will he get drilled? Who knows. Either way, I know I'm tuning in to find out.