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The Rays Tank: Tigers Sweep The Yankees

Jonathan Daniel

The Tigers swept the Yankees last night, putting an end to a miserable postseason for the Yankee offense. New York hit .188 in these playoffs, the second lowest mark in franchise history. Detroit's starters were as excellent as the Yankees' bats were miserable, putting up a 0.66 ERA in the four games. The bigger surprise, though maybe it shouldn't have been now that I look at his postseason numbers, was Delmon Young was named ALCS MVP.

Young hit .308/.357/.846(!) with two homers and five runs knocked in. In last season's five game ALDS against New York Young had a 1.170 OPS. In the 2010 ALDS it was .885. His 2009 ALDS against the Yankees with the Twins wasn't good, but, the Twins never beat the Yankees anyway. He's played in six playoff series, if you take out the last three played against the Yankees his OPS is sub .600. It goes to show you how fluky a playoff series can be when you consider Young had a .707 OPS on the season.

Over on the NL side of things, the Cardinals are now just one game away from returning to the World Series and giving us a rematch of the 2006 World Series and putting the Cardinals in the series for the fourth time in nine seasons. No Carlos Beltran, no problem as the Cardinals scored eight runs with just 15 baserunners and got an outstanding pitching effort from Adam Wainwright.

In other news:

  • Gerry Hunsicker has left the Rays to join the Dodgers. The Friedman insurance plan has been canceled.
  • The Yankees want to look through the layers of fat into CC Sabathia's elbow
  • Just how average is average?