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The Rays Tank: A Giants, Tigers World Series

The World Series kicks off tonight with the Tigers at the Giants.

Gregory Shamus

There isn't much happening in baseball today, literally only one game on the schedule. Boring!

All kidding aside, as I'm sure you all know the World Series kicks off tonight as the well-rested Detroit Tigers will throw all-world ace Justin Verlander against the surprisingly resurgent Barry Zito and his San Francisco Giants.

I wont try and pretend to have any insight on how this series will play out, instead suggesting you hit up any of the myriad World Series Preview pieces right here on the SBNation network.

By some poetic coincidence, The Giants have home-field by the virtue of Matt Cain defeating Verlander in the All-Star Game, and hopefully the field will be puddle-free and ready for first pitch. They will also be playing without one of their best regular season hitters because, well, I don't know. Despite that, they have a scrappy line up and as a team have shown a resilience that cannot be questioned, fighting to a 6-0 record in elimination games so far these playoffs.

As for the Tigers, a team that finished the season with less wins than our Tampa Bay Rays, they have looked like world beaters. They swept the aging Yankees with ease and have had plenty of time to rest up for this series. Maybe too much time? Regardless, they have the pitching and the power to hang with anybody and being able to throw Verlander three times will present a tough challenge to any lineup, especially one sporting Marco Scutaro as their best hitter right now.

So, for funsies, Tigers in 5 and Verlander is your MVP.