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DRB Community Guidelines Re-boot

As of today, we'll be re-enforcing the DRaysBay community guidelines. We've let our moderating slide over the past six (or so) months, but we're going to start getting back to being more consistent with our moderating.

As a reminder to everyone, our full guidelines can be found at the above link. Here's the Cliff Notes version:

1. No personal attacks.
2. No slurs.
3. Keep an open mind, and use logic in arguments.
4. Stay on-topic.
5. Limit the use of profanity to gameday threads.
6. No anime (h/t to the legends that helped this place grow)

In the short term, you likely won't notice any change except that we'll be encouraging our threads to stay on-topic. We're fine with people discussing baseball in general -- or even other Florida sports teams -- in the Tank, but we do hope that we can keep conversations more on-topic than they have been recently.

That is all. Carry on with your daily baseball consumption.