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The Rays Tank: Giants Take 2-0 Lead, Selig Backs New Rays Stadium

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants defeated the Tigers again, and again every little break seemed to go their way. Those are the type of things you need to have happen to win in October. A ball slams off the skull of the opposing pitching and into the center for a hit? Alright. A bunt with two men on rolls up the third baseline and never rolls foul? Cool.

It wasn't as exciting as the first game -- it's hard to beat someone hitting three home runs -- but the Giants took care of business again, limiting the damage against the Tigers two real offensive threats, Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. Madison Bumgarner was impressive again in the World Series. We've been hearing about him since 2010 so you may think he's older than he really is, but he's YOUNGER THAN MATT MOORE.

The Giants have their 2-0 series lead and Matt Cain hasn't even pitched yet. Life has to be good for Giants fans. Moving on to some Rays news...

Bud Selig came out yesterday in support of a new stadium and isn't pleased with the lack of attendance at the Trop. *Yawn* What else is new? Selig also isn't a fan of St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster, which is understandable since Foster is standing in the way of the Rays exploring the full range of possibilities for a new stadium. He added "Usually I have sarcastic and nasty moments every 10 minutes, but the answer to that is I'll let Mr. Sternberg handle that." Simmer down, Bud.


-ESPN's Jerry Crasnick writes about the Tigers falling apart at the wrong time. It's almost like they're playing like a team that won only 88 games during the regular season...

-Mariano Rivera may retire. I obviously dislike the Yankees, but, Mo can't go out like that. -You've seen the guy in the bright orange Marlins jersey sitting behind home plate in AT&T Park. What is he doing there? Amy K. Nelson has the scoop.