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The Rays Tank: Giants are World Series champions

The Giants sweep the Tigers, Nash equilibriums at the extreme, and the QWERTY proximity of W and E.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball is over. A four game sweep isn't great for us neutral fans, but it's pretty great for those in San Francisco. The Giants finished off the Tigers in the tenth inning, when Ryan Theriot (playing DH for the first time in his career) singled, was bunted over to second, and then scored from first on a Marco Scutaro single. Now how would that have worked if the Giants had some big base clogger playing DH instead of Theriot?

Pablo Sandoval won the World Series MVP award, but that won't prevent me from singing.

Hail to the Buster, the Buster, the Buster.

Hail to the Buster, the Buster Posey.

He hits singles and doubles and triples and home runs.

So hail to the Buster, the Buster Posey.

Now only if we had picked him instead of not protecting Josh Hamilton in the rule 5 draft.