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The Rays Tank: The Postseason Begins

On the final night of the season, the Rays put together quite a show. Now on the outside looking in, the drama in Major League Baseball begins.

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Last night President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney met in the first of a three game series to decide home field advantage in the United States over the next four years. Presumably, a White Sox fan against a Red Sox fan. Luckily, the umpire had very little influence on the match. (Speaking of presidential races, congratulations to Teddy Roosevelt on his first win.)

More worthy of note from our publication, the Rays played their final game of the season yesterday - recap - with about 18,000 fans in attendance (would that be half empty, or half full?), some brandishing thank you signs to the Rays team and players - and specifically to B.J. Upton. Watch Bossman Junior's potentially final at bat with the Rays. It was an emotional game for everyone involved.

The Rays went on to beat the Orioles 4-1, thanks to three HRs from Evan Longoria. Maddon had promised intensity out of his players, and the Rays delivered. After pitching the final frame, Fernando Rodney officially holds the ERA record, thanks to his franchise leading 48th save of the season, awarding him a 0.60 ERA. Shoot dem arrows.

Link Time!

  • So, Moneyball is more than a fad. After a losing season, trading their two best starters for prospects, shipping off their former RoY closer, and starting 17 rookies on the 25-man roster, the Athletics defeated the Rangers to decide the AL West in their own Game 162 Miracle. Watch Grant Balfour secure the win and re-live the magic. Considering their poster-child status for sabermetrics, they will be my team to root for in the post season. (In the mean time, send prayers to A's reliever Pat Neshek who lost his infant son last night.)
  • With the Yankees and Nationals clinching their divisions - for the 500th and 1st time, respectively - the post season is set with only one Wild Card playoff game in each league. Check out the bracket, post season play begins on Friday.
  • Incase you haven't heard, Miguel Cabrera officially won the Triple Crown, the first since the Great Yaz in 1967 (who remarkably held on to the title through the 90's). But don't lose faith, MVP disparagers. Four Triple Crown winners have failed to win the award before - Ted Williams ('42, '47), Lou Gehrig ('34), and Chuck Klein ('33) - so there is still hope for #TeamTrout!
  • News broke yesterday that R.A. Dickey pitched the season with a torn muscle on his abdomen, sustained in his second start of the season. Forbes profiled the 20-win Journeyman's leadership yesterday, and the news of his injury only reinforces their findings.
  • The Great Pumpkin made his Game 162 appearance last night, crushing three homers in the White Sox finale. (Warning: Hawk Harrelson after the link.)
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