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The Rays Tank: Orioles, Cardinals even series

Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The playoffs' two bird-centric teams evened up their respective series yesterday, with the Cardinals beating Washington 12-4 and the Orioles holding off the Yankees 3-2. St. Louis pinch hit for starter Jaime Garcia in the second inning due to a reoccurring shoulder issue. It looks like he's done for the postseason. The Cardinals have Lance Lynn, he of 29 regular season starts, to take his place in the rotation if needed.

As for Baltimore, they won another one run game as Jim Johnson was able to bounce back from his disastrous game Sunday to slam the door on the Yankees. The O's will now have to win two of three in New York. I'd sarcastically wish them good luck, but with all of the good fortune they've gotten this season I don't think they need it.


-Josh Hamilton's strange career continues. Number one pick. Drug addict. MVP. Free agent. What happens to him next year is anyone's guess. Though he's a Ranger, he's one of the more controversial players in Tampa Bay history. Some think he should never have been allowed to leave -- they have a fair point -- while others, like myself, don't think he would have ever succeeded here with his past demons so close. After being boo'd in the Rangers' playoff loss to the Orioles Hamilton is set to test the open market. Pitchers seemed to figure him out this season, using his aggression against him, resulting in Hamilton swinging at seemingly everything that came at him. We've never seen a player in Hamilton's situation before. What type of contract do you offer him? Which teams are even going to be in the running?

-Does a catcher's mitt placement have an affect on how well he receives a pitch? Maybe?

-The slide last night from Ichiro was pretty damn nifty.

-Cory Wade was designated for assignment. You know what to do, Andrew.