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The Rays Tank: Award Voting


As you've probably read by now, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper were chosen as the rookies of the year for their respective leagues. Trout was the unanimous selection while Harper barely beat out Arizona pitcher Wade Miley. The young stars are each very worthy selections. There's nothing of intrigue there. What is intriguing is that the Baseball Writers Association of America has decided, for the first time ever, to release every ballot. We get to see the decisions of each voter. While it's an interesting gesture I'm not sure the transparency is necessarily a good thing.

On the one hand voters being accountable for their ballots is a good thing. If an Edinson Volquez situation arises again we'll know who screwed up. On the flip side, the information will only lead to ridicule and possibly to conformity in the voting process. The ridicule/trolling will certainly take place after the AL MVP award ballots are revealed, with Miguel Cabrera the likely winner. There's very little reward and a lot of risk in the BBWAA's decision.


-Are you curious as to which player had the worst rookie season in modern history? Consider your curiosity quenched.

-Another reliever got a three year contract. I'd still rather have Joel Peralta on his 2yr/$6m deal.

-C.C Sabathia, one of the few real work horse pitchers left, isn't fond of pitch counts and innings limits.