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The Rays Tank: Beware the Fake Tweeters

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, Rays fans.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

I'm not sure what kind of low life resorts to making a fake twitter account and posting nonsense to get their jollies off, but apparently its open season on that garbage right now.

In the past week there have been several rogue tweets by people impersonating respected baseball insiders that have momentarily duped fans. It is often difficult to tell who is real and who isn't on twitter, as these weirdos are pretty creative with their handles, substituting in extra characters or replacing L's with I's etc.

If in doubt, when stumbling upon a twitter rumor, first check the username closely and then look at the number of followers the account has and if it has a blue verified user check mark.

This PSA brought to you by Wil Myers, and B.J. Upton the Philly.

Lots of Rays news from Tuesday:


Whew.... Enjoy your Turkey tomorrow, you guys.