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DRaysBay Community Prospect #1

Who is the Rays' top prospect?


For the past two years, members of the DRaysBay community have voted on and created a prospect list, ranking the Rays top prospects. We may not be scouts or experts, but with contributions from the entire community, quality discussion occurs and a fine list is created.

For this year's list, the rules will be the same as before. Cast a "+1" vote as a reply to the prospect listed that you think is best. The player receiving the most votes is announced the winner of the spot. Each poll will be open for voting for a two day period, and the goal is to create a top 50 list.

A few notes to remember.....

1. Please vote for the prospect that you believe to be the best. Even if the player does not have a good shot at winning, I encourage you to vote for the best prospect. Runoffs are the times to vote for the prospect who has the best shot of winning.

2. If you want to vote for someone who is not listed, reply "(player name) +1" to "Others." If you think someone should be added to the list, reply with their name to the comment reading "Testers." They will then be added to the pool of contenders for the next poll.

3. There are many ways in which to decide who you want to vote for. Things such as scouting reports, statistics, age relative to league, position, and pedigree should all be considered. How you weigh these will determine your pick.

4. Discussion is encouraged. Perhaps the best part of doing this list, for me, is engaging in the many conversations. It helps everyone to make the correct choice, to reevaluate their take on a player, and to share their views with others.

Now onto the voting for the first prospect.....

Contenders: Chris Archer (RHP), Taylor Guerrieri (RHP), Hak-Ju Lee (SS), Richie Shaffer (3B), Alex Colome (RHP), Enny Romero (LHP), and Blake Snell (LHP).

Click onto the player's name to view their statistics. Scouting reports for these players can be found on the web, including Baseball America, ESPN, Baseball Prospectus, Minor League Ball,, and various other resources.