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The Rays Tank: Four more years.

Barack Obama re-elected; The Tampa Bay Rays off-season rolls on.


We now know who will be living in the White House for the next four years, as President Barack Obama decisively locked up re-election, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney, Tuesday night. I know this is a baseball blog, but as a personal aside, I voted in this election for the first time since becoming an American citizen two years ago and it was a particularly proud moment for me.

Having four years of certainty is something that most baseball teams don't often get blessed with. According to BP's COTS Baseball Contracts, The Tampa Bay Rays have just one player, Matt Moore, under contract that will still be with the team when Obama leaves office. It is incredible to think of how different this organization may look during our next election cycle.

Not to mention how different it will look on opening day, 2013.

The rumors have started to heat up in recent days, with David Price, James Shields and now Jeremy Hellickson all being named as potential pitchers on the way out of Tampa Bay this off-season. Andrew Friedman recently said he has no doubt that the team can afford to keep both Price and Shields, but the financial reality combined with the glut of pitching talent suggests that moving one arm is still very much on the table. Adding to the speculation, is the return of Joel Peralta and Fernando Rodney meaning Wade Davis may be back in play for a starting role, or dealt.

The team will also be looking for a DH, C, 1B, INF, and OF with a budget that is already approaching what we assume is it's upper limitation.

The uncertainty surrounding the nations highest office may be over, but as we dive deeper in the hot stove, the Rays roster will continue to provide us with plenty of question marks.