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James Shields trade: Insta-reactions from around the interwebs

Instant reactions from all across the interwebs about the blockbuster trade of James Shields and Wade Davis to Kansas City.

The franchise pitching leader is gone
The franchise pitching leader is gone
Charles Sonnenblick

From former ESPN Baseball Analyst and current Diamondbacks announcer Steve Berthiaume

David Price is understandably hoping this is all a nightmare

Toby David reminds us of the human element in baseball

Comedian/Actor/Sportsradio guy Jay Mohr loves the deal

Former GM and current SiriusXM radio host Jim Bowden has already rendered his decision

J.J. Cooper from Baseball America points out why the Royals had to do this deal

Dave Cameron of Fangraphs punches Royals fans in the babymakers

Dodger blogger Mike Petriello weighs in as an innocent bystander

Jonathan Bernhardt from SportsOnEarth offered his unique sense of humor's Joe Sheehan observes the entire spectrum that reactions covered on Twitter

One industry source sent along a note:

holy cow...for 2013, I suppose it hurts the Rays, but wow, what a return

Another industry source sent this along:

WOW...****ing amazing. Nothing more dangerous than a GM trying to save his job

Royals fan extraordinaire @devil_fingers makes a strong point:

Keith Law sees a clear winner:

Lastly, Rany Jazayerli, of, had the first review of this trade up on the interwebs - faster than anyone else out there:

this sucks

Now that you've had time to think about this trade, what is your reaction?