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The Rays Tank: Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve

Hey, Edwin Jackson signed with the Cubs.

Patrick McDermott

Slow times at the DRaysBay offices today, enjoy these links:

- Here's FanGraphs on the Cubs signing Edwin Jackson

- Pinellas County to talk to the Rays about a new stadium.

- Not a link, but Sports Illustrated this week has a feature story on the recently-acquired Wil Myers. Why they ran on a feature on the 2013 International League MVP is beyond me.

- Bucs Nation wonders: Can Greg Schiano get the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl? Rest Of Nation answers: No.

- In case you missed it, here are the World Series odds with the Toronto Blue Jays as newly-installed favorites.

- Jeff Passan tries to figure out what a Mike Trout deal would look like.