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The Rays Tank: Russ Canzler Traded; Longoria Speaks About His Contract

The Russ Canzler trade was already discussed here on the site, but I wanted to give a quick tip of the hat to Canzler on his way out the door. He never got a chance to break in with the Rays, so here's hoping he can take advantage of the hole at first over in Cleveland.

In other news, Evan Longoria was on MLB Network Radio last week, and he answered a couple questions about his contract. You can read the full statement over at The Heater, but here are the juicy bits:

"I can honestly say that I've never regretted doing it. I can look at myself in the mirror and say that I made the right decision. You never know, who knows, one or two years in I might've hurt myself and not been the player that I am today. [...]

"Matt Moore, a stud left-handed pitcher for us, he signed a very similar deal. I saw him about three weeks ago and I told him the same thing, it's like, you can't turn down your first fortune because you never know when you're gonna get it again.

Who needs Eric Hinske when we have Longo? Although it sounds like Longoria talked to Moore after he signed his long-term deal, not before, but it's still exciting that Longoria is so strongly in favor of young players signing early.

I know it's not possible, but I do wish that people would stop asking Longoria about his contract. Eventually, no matter how gung-ho he is about the deal, it's going to get tiresome having to answer the same question again and again. And whenever someone asks about his deal, it's essentially asking him, "Aren't you annoyed or frustrated yet?" Why continuously put the seed of doubt into his mind? Just let it go!