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The Rays Tank: Gary Carter Passes Away, World Loses A Great Smile

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I can't claim to have watched Gary Carter play -- I'm a bit too young for that -- but it's always a sad day when baseball loses one of its legends. Carter passed away last night at the age of 57, around nine months after being diagnosed with multiple brain tumors.

There are multiple obituaries and takes on Carter out there right now, and I'm finding myself overwhelmed by some of the stories. He was The Kid, the perennial fan favorite that busted his butt even during Spring Training and never had a smile far from his face. He was a devoted family-man -- a classy, wholesome player that set himself apart by his actions on and off the field. Reading all these stories about him, I'm sad that I never got to enjoy following him.

The baseball world keeps spinning, though, and there are some other articles to pass along today as well. Enjoy: