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John Sickels Releases Top 120 Prospects List; Five Rays Make The Cut

John Sickels is SB Nation's resident prospect maven, and every year he comes out with top prospect lists just like Keith Law, Kevin Goldstein, and Baseball America. You can find his Top 20 list for the Rays here, and Sickels just released his overall Top 120 prospects list.

Five Rays made the cut:

2) Matt Moore
58) Hak-Ju Lee
94) Mikie Mahtook
102) Alex Torres
107) Taylor Guerreri

I haven't looked too closely, so it's possible that other prospect lists do this too, but the rankings in the Top 120 list don't line up exactly with his Rays top prospect list. He had Mahtook as the Rays' sixth best prospect, yet he jumps up to third from this angle. He also ranked Alex Colome as one of the Rays' fourth best prospect, but he doesn't show up on the Top 120 list. I know you can't expect perfection when you're making huuuge prospect lists, but it strikes me as interesting.

So it appears like Keith Law was the outlier in ranking Hak-Ju Lee so high in his top 100 list, as most of the other prospect gurus have him in the later half of the top 100. Otherwise, it doesn't look like there's too much of note here. I'm excited to see Mahtook ranked so high, and even more excited to see how he does this season.

Thoughts? Impressions? To give these rankings some context, here's a composite prospect rankings list from Rays Prospects.