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The Rays Tank: Edwin Jackson Signed; Rays Chances Of A Trade Shrinking

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The Washington Nationals signed Edwin Jackson to a one year, ~$10 million deal yesterday, but despite that fact, it doesn't look like the pitching market is in any better shape. Roy Oswalt is still on the market -- and apparently trying his darndest not to end up with the Red Sox -- and the Nationals now are trying to trade John Lannan, since Jackson made him expendable and expensive.

In other words, I wouldn't count on the Rays being able to pull off a trade at this point. It's the beginning of February, and most teams have already filled their major holes by this point. Jackson got squeezed by the limited market, and it appears that's happening to Oswalt now too. If teams aren't willing to pay a bit of money to acquire a pitcher with plenty of upside, why would they give up an asset for Davis or Niemann?

It looks like we'd better start getting used to the idea of starting the season with six starters. If the Rays haven't received good enough offers yet to make a deal worthwhile, I can't imagine the current market will improve matters any. We may have to wait this one out.

  • Everyone's going to talk about it anyway, so yes, Josh Hamilton was spotted at a bar last night, and it appears he's had a relapse. This likely will have repercussions in his contract negotiations with the Rangers, but please, don't use this as an excuse to tarnish the guy or moralize. We all have weak, regrettable moments in our lives, but luckily, most of us don't have those moments gossiped about in public. Addiction is a constant struggle, and sometimes, we're not always as strong as we wish we could be.
  • In preparation for Tino Martinez's induction into the Ted Williams Hall of Fame tonight, the Times has a fun article up on Tino's career. I don't know exactly why, but I always liked Tino -- he seemed like such the quintessential good guy.

    Also, Erik and Mr. Neg will be at the induction ceremony tonight, so we'll have some coverage of the event for you to enjoy. The induction is happening at the David Price Dinner and Friends charity event, and a handful of Rays players are expected to be there.