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The Rays Tank: Only 14 More Days...

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Now that football season is over -- I actually watched my first football game of the season last night, man -- baseball season seems all that much closer.* Pitchers and catchers report in a mere 14 days, so we're only two weeks away from a momentary burst of baseball bliss...before remembering how tedious and boring spring training is and starting the countdown for the actual season to begin.

*I used to be one of those people that say, "Now that football's over, there's nothing else on the calendar until baseball season!" But that was before I got into hockey. The Bolts are playing some damn important games right now, as they're trying to resurrect their season and make a final push at the playoffs, so now is a great time to tune in and catch some action.

And I suppose there's basketball on too, if that floats your boat. There's always the USF Bulls, who....well, yeah.

There hasn't been much baseball news over the past couple days -- even GMs were distracted by the Super Bowl, apparently -- so we'll just hit up some quick links: