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The Rays Tank: Brooks Baseball Is Amazing; Justin Ruggs Sign With Astros

I can't believe I forgot to pass this along yesterday, but on Friday evening, three fantastic Pitch F/x'ers (Dan Brooks, Harry Pavlidis, and Lucas Apostoleris) released the next hot resource for Pitch f/x analysis: player cards at They are, in short, amazing.

I've been addicted to the Joe Lefkowitz player cards for a while now, but Brooks and Co. took things to the next level. Now you can easily parse the data any sort of way you want (by month, year, count, and handedness), and you can also view a pitcher's career or season total results. I do think there are some things that are easier to view on Joe L still -- like analyzing how a pitcher attacks lefty or righty hitters over an at bat -- but the functionality of the Brooks Baseball player cards is superb. That's going to be a huge help going forward.

Not only that, but the Brooks Baseball data is also a bit more accurate. Dan, Harry, and Lucas went through every pitch in the database and fixed pitch classification issues, so although some of the pitches movements may be displayed weird due to park differences, the pitch classifications are (most likely) accurate. This is way more than we could say before, and it makes me more confident in the numbers on their site.

My one nitpick? I wish they had an option for exporting data to Excel. But I can understand that they'd want to keep their data private after putting all that work into it.

Anyway, if you're looking for the full explanation of how and why these guys put together this resource, they explained their madness over at The Hardball Times. And if you're curious on what these player pages look like, here's David Price's card. Considering the way he's changed his repertoire over the years, it's good to know that their classifications are likely accurate.