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The Rays Tank: PECOTA Is Released, Billy Beane Extended, And Cespedes Welcomed To Florida

There's no giant story today, so let's jump straight into the links:

  • Baseball Prospectus has released their 2012 PECOTA forecasts, and they've tweaked their formula slightly to give more weight to a player's history/performance and less to regression. It isn't a major change, but it sounds like it will have the greatest effect on forecasts for players coming off an outlier season (think Jose Bautista or Adam Dunn). PECOTA expects these players to regress back toward their career performance more than other forecasting models. For the full explanation -- Colin explains it all much better than me -- check out the link.
  • In your mind, what were the 10 best transactions from this offseason? Dave Cameron listed his out yesterday, and he had the Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes signings as the top two moves. If he had included extensions, I've got to imagine Matt Moore's deal would have been near the top of the list, if not the top.
  • The Athletics signed Billy Beane to an extension yesterday, locking him up through 2019. I saw a few people express this sentiment on Twitter, but I feel like this move suggests that the A's are going to get a new stadium in San Jose. Beane had been threatening to move the team due to the lack of movement on a stadium deal, so this seems like a good sign for A's fans.
  • Clayton Kershaw signed a contract extension with the Dodgers, but it didn't buy out an free agency years. The Dodgers got a small discount and some price certainty, but they're going to have to pony up in a few years to keep Kershaw beyond that.
  • Over at Rays Prospects, BurGi points out some interesting Rays-related notes from John Sickels' last chat. Sickels seems bullish on Mikie Mahtook and Jake Hager, and judging from everything I've read on those two, I can't blame him.
  • Yoenis Cespedes landed in Miami yesterday, and he's set to meet with the Marlins today. They're supposedly going to pull out all the stop to impress him, but judging from the rumors, Miami isn't necessarily one of the places Cespedes would like to play.
  • Former Devil Ray Danny Clyburn died recently after being shot during an argument. Clyburn was never more than a bit player with the Devil Rays, appearing in a handful of games back in 1999, but he still marks the fourth former D-Ray to pass away. Thoughts and prayers to his family.