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The Rays Tank: Only Eleven Days Left...

We've reached the true dead period of the offseason. There's little to no action, as teams have already finished putting their rosters together and are merely mopping up some depth in the form of minor-league deals, and there isn't likely going to be any other large moves. Roy Oswalt will sign somewhere, teams will sign their final arbitration cases to contracts or extensions, and the season will creep toward us at a snail's pace. Yesss.

One of the biggest news stories yesterday was that the Yankees are hoping to trade A.J. Burnett in order to free up a bit of payroll space. If true, this throws yet another starting pitcher onto the market, and gives us yet another reason to not expect Niemann or David to go anywhere before the season. A cheap Burnett would be a good buy-low addition for a number of teams...and his departure would weaken the Yankees' rotation, so I'd be all for it.

But considering Roy Oswalt is still sitting out there on the market, I just don't see it happening.