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The Rays Tank: David Price As "A Five-Year-Old"


My. Gosh. If you're looking for a good way to start the morning off with a laugh, you should be sure to read Marc Topkin's column today on David Price. It's an absolute corker. We all already know that Price is an eccentric character, but Topkin has a number of little stories and anecdotes in this piece that flesh out the full nature of his insanity. He's nuts, but in such a hilarious, fun way.

This one time, at spring training camp, Price went to the dugout to watch the game wearing a team jacket with nothing - no T-shirt, no jersey - underneath, claiming, as he often does, innocence: He had a device from the trainers hooked to his shoulder, wanted to be there for his teammates, didn't think anyone would notice. Which explains everything except how he was caught standing on the field, smiling, pulling the jacket open when he got his picture taken. "That was pretty outlandish," third baseman Evan Longoria said. "He continues to surprise me."

There's all sorts of stuff in the article, so be sure to check it out. Apparently Price really likes being naked?

Price's attitude and personality seem to fit in perfectly with the Rays; in fact, I have a feeling the Rays loose, goofy clubhouse attitude is just as much Price's creation as Joe Maddon's. Here's hoping he stays a Ray for a long time.