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The Rays Tank: Starting Rotation To Be Announced Today


This is the moment we've all been waiting for: Joe Maddon will announce the Rays' starting rotation today, and we'll find which starter gets sent to the bullpen.

Okay, that may not be exactly what we're all waiting for -- the countdown is on for Opening Day! -- but it's still relatively big news considering how much we've debated Jeff Niemann vs. Wade Davis here over the last few months. One way or the other, the decision will finally be made.

Any final thoughts or arguments? I'm still in Camp Niemann, although I hope like heck that Davis can regain his power pitcher form in the bullpen and become a viable option again.

  • It's a horrible, saddening story, but I still couldn't tear myself away from Jeff Passan's profile on Matt Bush. The saga is all but over now as far as the Rays are concerned, considering that they're not going to bring Bush back on the team, but the legal troubles are only just beginning for Bush. Thankfully, it appears that Brandon Guyer won't get dragged into the case even though his car was the one Bush was driving.
  • FanGraphs unveiled its new daily fantasy game yesterday, and it looks like a bunch of fun. You create your own player and compile stats with them (based on your daily fantasy picks), and you can see how your player stacks up against other players (both MLB and fantasy). You can find more details here, but I recommend checking it out; it's another handy way to waste 5 minutes a day on baseball.
  • The FanGraphs organization rankings began yesterday, and the first team up? The Baltimore Orioles. I'm so sorry, Birds fans. Hopefully their new GM can actually, you know, make them competitive again.
  • Kevin Goldstein previews the AL East systems ($) and says don't be surprised if Wilking Rodriguez gets to the big leagues while saying fans need to slow their rolls on Mahtook.
  • Jim Gardner gives us Raiders of the Lost MVP blood samples in comical form.
  • So spring stats actually do mean something??
  • Tom Tango's Community Forecast project is open -- please go help him out with the Rays.
  • Baseball Prospectus writers made 20 pre-season predictions, prop bet style