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The Rays Tank: Minimalist Prospect Edition

Minimalist. Get it?
Minimalist. Get it?

I'm pinch hitting today for the Tank and I've been sitting on the proverbial pine for awhile. I also (believe it or not) pay very little attention to the major league club, so today's edition will be a "minimalist" edition - short, sweet and about some news on the farm.

Minimalism is apparently the theme for the team's trip to Texas for a three-game set with the Rangers after Matt Moore *cough cough* shows good command today in his start against the Angels at 1:05 PM ET. Maddon apparently wants everyone to bring nothing but a carry-on on the trip. Underwear are apparently optional according to a quote in the Tampa Bay Times which reads: " "One pair of jeans, three shirts, some socks, and those who wear underwear bring underwear. And your toiletries. … As we move forward into this century I think minimalism is going to become a more popular concept." Haha! That Maddon is a funny one. I wonder if anyone on the team free... nevermind.

1) He reveals that he is a Boras client. Should he slip to the Rays at #25 (which is very possible based on what I've heard from draft gurus), would the Rays mess with trying to sign him? He also seems perfectly content to go to UF.

2) He is a Rays fan. That may seem like a "duh?!", but he apparently hits the Trop when he can and has a lot of Rays on his fantasy team.

3) He gushed about meeting David Price earlier this year and said the lefty gave him some good advice and apparently approves of the way the youngster conducts himself.

BTW we'll have a lot of these draft Q & A's on the site in the next month. Commercial over.

  • Michael Compton, who covers the Bowling Green Hot Rods for the Bowling Green Daily News, has a nice little blog that should be checked out. He often has a lot of good quotes from the players and Brady Williams.