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The Rays Tank: BlueSeatLife Is Back

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Yawn, whatever. For those who want the team to be relocated to Tampa, you want more of these games when 9500 people show up to see one hell of a pitching matchup. There are college finals going on this week, and all of the colleges in St. Pete....wait, there aren't any? Oh, my bad.

We know midweek attendance on school nights is typically awful so none of this week should be terribly surprising. The good news is the bullpen continues to look good and hopefully Longoria's left knee soreness is just that and nothing more serious.

  • If you were impressed with Elliot Johnson's game-winning hit, let him coach your child on the fine art of hitting.
  • Some people take losing rough
  • MLB is considering some changes to interleague play. No more Marlins!
  • In case you missed the game, Robert Szasz was back in the park last night for the first time since 2008. I forgot how annoying his voice was.
  • If you thought Joey Gathright was fast, wait until you see Billy Hamilton run.
  • Fangraphs now has live player stats
  • Tom Tango reflects on an article by Bill James on strikeout rates and hits on another one about lefty-lefty matchups.
  • USS Mariner looks at what the Mariners may need to do for the rest of this series if Miguel Olivo's injury keeps him out.
  • Delmon Young (allegedly) assaults someone and uses an unfortunate ethnic slur while doing so and will be suspended seven games. Meanwhile, the former Leo Nunez who faked his identity will be suspended eight weeks. Nice logic considering that Paragraph 3(a) in the standard player contract says the following

Paragragh 3(a), Loyalty:

"The Player agrees to perform his services hereunder diligently and faithfully, to keep himself in first-class physical condition and to obey the Club’s training rules, and pledges himself to the American public and to the Club to conform to high standards of personal conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship."