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DRaysBay Pick Six Contest: Win A Free T-Shirt!


Do you like baseball? Do you like free things? I'm going to assume that for everyone out there reading this, your answer is a hearty "Yes" to both. I mean, who doesn't love free swag? And if you're reading DRaysBay but don't like baseball, then it might be time to stop and reevaluate something in your life.

Over the next four weeks, we'll be running an ongoing contest here at DRaysBay, using SB Nation's new fantasy game Pick Six. Every week, we'll be giving out two t-shirts (as pictured above): one to the user that has the highest total score for the week (Monday-Sunday), and one to the user that has the highest single-day score over the course of the week.

If you haven't played Pick Six yet, the concept is quite simple. You can find the full rules here, but every day, you have a $120 budget that you use to buy six players. Depending on how those players perform during that day's game, you get awarded points (which are based on the linear weights run value of their contributions, to get nerdy for a second) and the person that selected the highest scoring team for the day wins.

To play today, just click the Pick Six widget in the top left-hand sidebar on DRaysBay (or go here). Make sure you select DRaysBay as the site you want to be affiliated with, otherwise your scores won't count toward the contest. And may the best (or luckiest) person win!

By participating in this contest you are subject to the official rules. And that's all there is for fine print.