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DRaysBay Pick Six Contest: Leaderboard So Far


In case you forgot, we're holding a contest this week (and each of the next three weeks as well) using Pick Six -- SB Nation's new fantasy baseball game. In short, we're giving away two free t-shirts each week, one to the top overall scorer for the week and one to the person with the highest single-day score.

So even if you haven't played yet this week, you still have a chance to win! You can always go for the highest single-game score, and hey, who knows? If you have a couple insane days, you could possibly make a run at the top scorer of the week. It's only Wednesday, after all...

Here's how the leaderboard stood as of 10 PM last night:

1 sjolly1 92.4
2 ShawnTSA 86.3
3 SRQ Ray 82
4 sinkhole 81.2
5 cmac7 77.5
6 Gareth Rees 72.1
7 YouSeeEffer 67.9
8 agb15876 66.6
9 lewee 66.2
10 Concretepiggy 65.5

You can find the full, updated leaderboard here.

And the current leader for the Top Single-Day Score of the Week goes to sinkhole, with 55.7 points last night. Be sure to enter today and try and top it! That's definitely still a beatable score. #justsayin