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DRaysBay Pick Six Leaderboard: It's Still Anyone's Game

The week is winding down, but there's still plenty of time to join and take a crack at winning a free Pick Six t-shirt. Remember, we're giving out two shirts per week: one to the user that has the highest cumulative score for the week, and one that has the highest single-day score.

The week ends on Sunday, so there are still two more days to go. Here's the leaderboard thus far:

Rank Username Score
1 ShawnTSA 195.7
2 M.J.R. 177.1
3 YouSeeEffer 173.9
4 sjolly1 166.3
5 sinkhole 152.3
6 jcmitchell 150.8
7 agb15876 149.5
8 cmac7 143.5
9 SRQ Ray 143.5
10 MrNegative1 141.1

Technically, I tend to think that anyone as far down as 15th place still has a chance to make a run at this thing, as a couple big days could help you make up a large deficit. But Shawn does have a large lead built up, so assuming he doesn't tank these next couple days, he's looking good.

As for the highest single-day score, that's more difficult to check retrospectively. I've been trying to check every day to see, and I believe the current high score is SandalsNoPants with 68.7 points. But I may have missed a day or so in there, so if you think you had a higher one, speak up and I'll have someone check.

Pick Six locks for the day at 1pm EST today, so get those picks in soon!