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The Rays Tank: Congrats to the Pick Six Winner!

Well, the first week of our Pick Six contest is in the bag, and we have two winners to announce. It was a hard fought battle, but ShawnTSA held on to his lead through the weekend and finished the week with a DRB leading 257 points. That's an average of 36.7 points per day, and he finished well ahead of the second and third place contestants (who had around 230 points). He didn't exactly dominate any particular day, but steady consistency will take you a long way with this game.

The other t-shirt will go the top single-day score for the week, and I believe that goes to MVPete1982 for his 74.0 points yesterday. It's difficult for me to look at this things in retrospect, but I tried to keep up with the scores throughout the week and keep track. If you think you had higher than that on one particular day, please speak up in the comments.

So congrats to Shawn and Pete! Oh, and don't forget that we'll be doing this whole contest again this week as well. Get your entries in for today, and let's see if we can crack 100 participants!