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The Rays Tank: RISP Madness

Strength & Honor
Strength & Honor

This morning, Darren Viola, better known at @RRepoz on Twitter and Repoz at Baseball Think Factory, offered this tweet this morning:

That got me thinking about how that particular split is trending over the years and how the Rays have performed against the league average throughout franchise history. The results: the league is definitely trending down but the Rays have been all over the place including hitting .285 in 2005!


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  • Can anyone explain why Brett Lawrie was sliding into second last night on a flyball to centerfield? The ump made the right call on him last night but Lawrie should have been out on the sheer stupidity of sliding into second on a ball he apparently read as one heading into the gap. It appears Lawrie has more faith in Upton's arm than Upton himself and that's saying something.