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The Rays Tank: Luke Scott's Sweet Spot; Drew Sutton Revisisted; And The Yanks Might Be For Sale?

Let's jump on into the links today...

  • I found this article about Luke Scott's success rather interesting. It's no real surprise that Scott is much better against right-handed pitchers, but I didn't realize exactly how much he crushes pitches on the outside half of the plate. That seems to be his sweet spot, so here's hoping righties don't catch on and try to bust him inside.
  • Waitwaitwaitwait, the Steinbrenners might be willing to sell the Yankees? It looks like rumors are starting to circulate that the Yanks could be put on the block soon, and after the Dodgers sold for $2+ billion, the Yankees would surely bring in one helluva lot of cash. If this actually goes down, it'll be really interesting to see A) who buys them, and B) what the most valuable franchise in baseball (if not sports) goes for.
  • Here's a Pirates beat writer's take on the Drew Sutton trade. That minor deal is working out rather well for the Rays so far, yes? I still find it ridiculous that the Rays have had to resort to hitting him cleanup, but I guess that's how it goes; please hurry back, Longo.
  • There's a successful team in the majors having attendance trouble...and it's not the Rays? Progress!
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