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Rays Continue Success Against Marlins, Win 11-0


Okay, this one's on me. I was supposed to fill in last night and completely forgot, so I ended up watching the disturbingly tense "District 9" instead...which I can't say I recommend to anyone out there. Watching the game would have been so much more fulfilling, so this was an all-around fail on my part. Apologies for the late recap.

Since I've already admitted I didn't watch the game, I don't have too much to add. In the baseball equivalent of a home-and-home series -- this interleague schedule is totally copying off hockey -- the Rays seem to be going for the full sweep. They have not beat the Marlins each of the four times they've played this season, and the Marlins are a disastrous 1-9 over their last 10 games (they lost 2 of 3 to the Red Sox too).

Game Highlights:

  • Matt Moore was on last night, pitching like the potential ace we all thought he could be coming into the season. He pitched seven innings of one-hit ball, walking only three and striking out eight. This comes the same day that Dave Cameron published a piece on Moore not locating his breaking ball well, but Moore took a step forward with that last night; he threw 16 of his 20 curveballs for strikes, although he did only generate a swinging strike with one of them. Hopefully his curveball will improve as the season goes along and he regains a feel for it, but for now, Moore's still getting by fine with his changeup and fastball.
  • As Collette points out, the strike zone last night was a touch all over the place. Yes, this certainly should have been called a strike.
  • Ben Zobrist continued his recent surge, going 2-3 with a home run. Over the past two weeks, Zobrist has hit .378/.477/.703, good for a .491 wOBA. One Hit Wonder, indeed.
  • Desmond Jennings hasn't exactly been tearing the hide off the ball since returning from the DL, posting a wOBA south of .300, so it's good to see that he racked up a couple hits last night including a double. If he starts going, he could be a huge catalyst for this offense.
  • I'm a huge Brandon Gomes fan -- I think it must be that last name -- so it was great to see that he dominated the Marlins in his one inning of work. He struck out the side while only allowing one baserunner on a walk, which was a huge improvement over his time in the majors earlier this year. His velocity was still hovering around 90 MPH -- I expected it to be higher by now -- but at least he was able to get good results with his pitches.