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The Rays Tank: Joel Peralta Ejected, 'Significant Amount' Of Pine Tar On Glove

So if you missed the whole shindig, during the eighth inning of last night's game against the Washington Nationals, Joe Maddon called to the bullpen to bring in Joel Peralta. The Nats' manager, Davey Johnson, then approached the home plate umpire and indicated that he wanted Peralta's glove checked, unleashing this spectacular chain of events:

Amazing. Are you not entertained? Because that whole brewhaha just made my night. And I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't the end of it, and Maddon does something else over the course of the next couple games to mess with Johnson and the Nats. He seemed royally annoyed.

Since Peralta was caught with an illegal substance on his glove, it seems likely that he'll be suspended for the requisite 10 games. Of course, Maddon is claiming Peralta wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary or wrong, so this practice is apparently way more prevalent than I knew.

Man, how amazing would it be for Maddon to nail Strasburg for this today? I kind of want to see Strasburg pitch, but at the same time, that'd be hilarious (not to mention good for the Rays).