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The Rays Tank: Pine-Tar-Gate Aftermath; Favorite Prospect Debate

This is the saga that just won't end. While nothing happened after last night's game, both Joe Maddon and Davey Johnson were exchanging words through the media up until the beginning of the game. It was an entertaining back-and-forth to follow, and it inspired one instant meme: "Weird wuss". I'm not exactly sure what Johnson was trying to say with that phrase, but it's pure gold. Between that and Bryce Harper's "That's a clown question, bro" statement recently, the Nationals are leading the majors in Memes/AB.

Anyway, the pine tar incident has about worn through my interest at this point and is on the verge of becoming annoying, so let's move on. Here's a fun video from Amy Nelson, showcasing Bill Murray as a baseball manager:

  • The writers over at Baseball Prospectus all published their favorite prospects to root for, so now I'm curious: who's your favorite prospect? I'm torn. I've never seen Billy Hamilton play, but his skillset and insane speed fascinates me. At the same time, I've got a big soft spot in my heart right now for Enny Romero and Chris Archer. And then there's Mikie Mahtook...ahh, it's too tough to just pick one!
  • Troy Tulowitzki has been diagnosed with "Hockey Goalie/Baseball Pitcher Syndrome", which sounds like some fake disease a four-year old would come up with. They couldn't come up with a better name than that? Also, Tulo will require surgery and will be out for an uncertain amount of time. So hey, things could be worse about Longo, right?
  • Speaking of the Rockies, they're trying something new with their pitching staff; they're going to a four-man rotation and are limiting each of their starters to 75 pitches per start. Will it work? Is this a good idea? Both Dave Cameron and Colin Wyers chipped in their opinions and research on the matter. The consensus seems to be that it may not be a great idea, but hey, at least they're willing to try something new!