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Rays N/A, Phillies N/A; Game Rained Out

#BlueSeatLife in Philly. (Photo by Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images)
#BlueSeatLife in Philly. (Photo by Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Tonight, the Rays did not show any intensity, but neither did they commit any errors. New Ray Cody Ross Brooks Conrad had minimal effect on the beaten up batting order. Cliff Lee once again failed to tally his first win.

It rained in New York too, but the Yankees and Mets played their game anyway, even though they are "chickens." It also rained in Baltimore, but like in New York, they were able to play. Jason Hammel pitched a whale of a game. He could pitch like a whale, because it was so wet.

It did not rain in Atlanta, but the Red Sox lost, so I was enthused about that game. My enthusiasm ran wild. I could not rein it in. Felix Hernandez did not pitch in San Diego today, but it wasn't because of weather. It just wasn't his day in the rotation. King Felix will pitch tomorrow, long may he reign.

When there's a rain delay, the announcers need to fill space and talk about nothing, until they're able to go to other programming. Sometimes the transition to other programming can be quite sudden. I am going to stop my recap of nothing. I hope this is not too precipitous.