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The Rays Tank: All Star Edition

Voting for the All-Star game ended last night. This should be the fifth straight year the Rays receive more than the MLB mandated one representative per team. Let's take a look at the Rays' selections over that time.


Scott Kazmir

Dioner Navarro

Evan Longoria


Carlos Pena

Evan Longoria

Carl Crawford

Jason Bartlett

Ben Zobrist


Evan Longoria

Carl Crawford

David Price

Rafael Soriano


Matt Joyce

David Price

James Shields

There are two players that look like locks from this year's team: David Price and Fernando Rodney. As much as we don't like talking about wins Price has 10 of them, which should guarantee him a selection. Rodney has arguably been the second best reliever in the American League behind Joe Nathan. There's an outside chance that Matt Joyce gets selected as a reserve, though Ben Zobrist and his .374 OBP certainly deserve consideration. Who would you like to see get in?

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