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The Rays Tank: Slow News Day

If you have no interest in the goings on at Penn State then yesterday was one of the slowest sports days of the year. For some reason baseball decided they needed two days off after the All-Star game, leaving us fans bored and wanting. That being said let's hit some general news and notes from yesterday.

-Jacoby Ellsbury is expected to join the Red Sox for this weekend's series against the Rays. He's been out since April 14th when Reid Brignac landed on him at second, dislocating his shoulder. If he has no lingering effects from his injury he'll provide a huge upgrade to a mostly lackluster Boston outfield. Also in Boston news, Carl Crawford is eyeing to make his season debut Monday. He's recovering from off season wrist surgery and still has a sprained UCL in his left elbow. Rays fans mostly have little sympathy for Crawford, but I'd like to see him back and being productive - just not against the Rays.

-The Rays have until this afternoon to sign top draft pick Richie Shaffer. All reports expect a deal to be reached. signed Richie Shaffer. The team needs an influx of offensive talent in the system so signing a player many describe as the best college bat in the draft is key.

-Matt Joyce is expected back in two weeks -- let's all cross our fingers on that one. Sam Fuld is currently on his rehab assignment and will likely be the first player added back to the roster. I wish more was reported of what's happening with Robinson Chirinos. He's missed the entire season after sustaining a concussion in spring. How severe are his issues? Is he having trouble with simple every day functions? What's going on?


  • If you haven't enjoyed the narrative stylings of Dayn Perry, here's your chance. His, totally fictional, piece titled "How Busytown stole the Tampa Bay Rays" is one of the most enjoyable pieces of baseball literature I've read this year, be it fact or fiction.