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The Rays Tank: Treading Water Edition

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  • Two games above .500. Back in 2007, I would have killed for the Rays to be in this position in July. And yet, feels so strange. Anyone else out there beginning to seriously wonder if the Orioles will be able to nab a Wild Card spot? The AL East looks less like a Beast and more like mess these days.
  • Matt Moore came in at #29 on Dave Cameron's Trade Value series, due to his fantastic contract and his overall potential. He hasn't lived up to that potential yet this season, but we've seen flashes of it and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him make some large improvements over the remainder of this season.
  • If you're looking for a fun way to spend your Thursday night, you might want to check out the documentary "Pelotero" on iTunes. It's all about baseball in the Dominican Republic, and Grant Brisbee's review of it caught me eye.
  • Over at Rays Prospects, BurGi breaks down the season to date for the Rays pitching prospects.
  • Remember to be sure to check out "The Hall of Nearly Good" -- in a digital bookstore near you! The cast of contributing writers for this book is tremendous, and I have no doubt that it'll make for fantastic reading.