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The Rays Tank: Trade Rumors and Promotions

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We mentioned this in our Down on the Farm post earlier this morning, but outfielder Mikie Mahtook was promoted to Double-A Montgomery. The move was made after Ryan Garko was placed on the disabled list. Mahtook is a 2011 draft pick of the Rays. It's nice to see a Rays draft pick moving up for whatever reason; they haven't had great success from 2008-2011.

On the trade rumor front, Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports tweeted yesterday that the Rays have interest in Arizona's Ryan Roberts. He can play multiple positions on the infield but has started most of his games at third base this season. A 3.6 WAR player last year, he's struggled in 2012 hitting .250/.306/.357. He has an .815 OPS against southpaws and would be an upgrade over a Brooks Conrad type.

While he would help solidify the turnstile that third base has become, Jeff Keppinger still has to play somewhere. Maybe that somewhere would be DH. Who knows? It's an interesting thought in any case.

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