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Offense Sputters As Rays Fall To Angels 3-1

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The west coast games aren't very conducive to a good recap. I'm writing this at 4:44 am, so bear with me.

Alex Cobb pitched a good game, better than anything he's done since July 17th. Eight hits in seven innings is more than you'd like to see, but the zero walks was most encouraging. He's never going to be a high strikeout pitcher so the three K's is nothing to worry about, especially against such a good lineup. What you love to see from Cobb are the groundballs, and he induced 13 of them as opposed to just three fly balls. Unfortunately for him and the Rays one of the fly balls was a two run double by Albert Pujols.

The Rays offense was held in check by Dan Haren. The batter to really do anything of note was Jeff Keppinger who scored and drove in the Rays only run with a homer in the second and added a single and a double while also stealing a base. The Rays managed to get a few other men in scoring position on the night but failed to get a bit hit to drive them in. So has been the story of their season.

Anything else particularly good/bad that stood out to you?