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The Rays Tank: Luke Scott And Luck Dragons

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You may have noticed that Luke Scott hasn't gotten a hit in awhile. No matter your skill level it's really tough for a major league player to not get a hit in 39 at bats. It's almost comical now. There's a certain amount of luck involved in baseball, and it all seems to be going against Scott at the moment. Bradley Woodrum made excellent informational videos last year explaining how luck, batting average on balls in play and the Luck Dragons play a part in a player's success.


BABIP: The Luck Dragons, Part 2 (via homebodywithalaptop)

It's time for us here at DRaysBay to make a sacrifice to the Luck Dragons. Aside from Scott the team has seemingly been on the wrong end of plays all season. An inch there, a foot there, and the team would be in better shape. So, what should it be? Should we sacrifice a member of the site? Will someone build a church in the Luck Dragons' honor? What say you?