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Rays Vs. Athletics: Aug 23, 2012 — The Final Tampa Bay / Oakland Series BEGINS


Here is a photo of the Athletics when they wore infinitely cooler unis and played in a somehow worse city than Oakland.

The current Oakland Athletics are not so old-timey, though. After the Rays' recent offensive outburst, Tampa Bay has left the A's in the batting average standings dust. Oakland is now hitting a league-worst .232 while the Rays have a powerful .236 (third worst in the league).

Sure, these teams may not get many hits, but what's sexier than walks!? The Rays rank No. 1 (9.4% BB-rate) and the A's rank No. 3 (9.0% BB-rate) in perhaps the most boring form of offense, so buck up folks. Here's comes:

A's and Rays: Round 3

Oh, and the Stankfaces -- that's what cool folks are calling the New York Yankees theses days -- are inactive today. So a win puts Tampa Bay at 2.5 games back.


AL East Standings

New York 72 52 .580 0 Lost 3
Tampa Bay 69 55 .556 3 Won 1
Baltimore 67 57 .540 5 Lost 1
Boston 59 65 .475 13 Lost 3
Toronto 56 67 .455 15.5 Lost 4

(updated 8.23.2012 at 6:15 PM EDT)