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The Rays Tank: Breaking Bad Bowling Green Edition

I'm a big fan of the AMC drama "Breaking Bad". That fact makes me more qualified to talk about the suspensions of the three Low-A Bowling Green players than you, obviously. You've no doubt heard by now that Ryan Brett, Charles Cononie and Justin Woodall tested positive for meth. You read that right...meth. They'll begin serving their 50 game suspensions immediately.

The suspensions is what I'd like to talk about. Testing positive for pot, PED's or METHcarries the same suspension. This is solely this author's opinion, but, really? One of those things is FAR more addicting than the others. Slapping an arbitrary 50 games on the players just seems odd. How about an indefinite suspension until someone investigates the matter and gets the kids some help? There's really no such thing as a casual meth user.

Had the kids gotten a DUI, though, they'd be able to play today. It all makes sense, right?


  • This ESPN Outside The Lines piece on Dock Ellis, the man who threw the perfect game while allegedly tripping on acid, was expertly written by Patrick Hruby and put together by the WWL.
  • Justin Verlander continues to be impressive.
  • Carl Crawford's Tommy John surgery was successful.
  • Did anyone catch the Rays and Angels on NBC Sports "Caught Stealing" last night? How was it?