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The Rays Tank: Hurricanes, RNC, Birthdays, And The Paralympics

  • Jeff Passan has a fantastic new column up: 25 Things You Didn't Know About Baseball. The entire thing is one heck of an enjoyable read, but if you're looking for Rays-specific bullet points, check out #8 and #18. James Shields, David Price, and Fernando Rodney - all rocking it this year.
  • Over at The Process Report, R.J. Anderson highlighted a couple bits of two Adam Sobsey columns this weekend on the Durham Bulls. I highly recommend reading the full original articles, as Sobsey is as good as they get when it comes to sportswriting.
  • Taylor Guerreri got a write-up in Kevin Goldstein's Monday morning prospect roundup. It's sounding like Guerreri will be moving up some prospect boards this off-season...
  • The RNC is officially in town, and of course, that gave Marc Topkin a reason to question Luke Scott about his political views. They're as extreme as ever -- even without the birther talk thrown in there -- so be forewarned before clicking that link: it is political-talk, and it could be frustrating to read. Personally, I prefer to have as little reminder as possible that Luke Scott is a bit of a whack job.
  • Carlos Pena has started getting boo'd, and while I can't really blame the fans...c'mon, he's Carlos Pena. He may be hitting under .200 and his overall offensive production might be terrible (.299 wOBA), but I couldn't bring myself to boo someone that's had such a huge role in the Rays' success since 2008. I love this guy, so here's hoping he has enough left in the tank that he can finish the year on a positive note.
  • The Paralympics start up this Wednesday, and even if you haven't heard much about it, they're going to be exciting and compelling. There's a write-up in the Tampa Bay Times today on a few local St. Pete natives that will be competing there, and their stories -- like most Paralympians -- are so inspiring.