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The Rays Tank: News and Notes

Maybe they should stop trying?

According to's Bill Chastain, the Rays have 10 failed bunt attempts with two strikes which is the most since 1973. I know the offense has struggled this season so getting runners in scoring position when you can is of utmost importance, but maybe lay off the two strike bunts for awhile?

Minor League recaps need more detail

The Durham Bulls won last night behind a great start by Chris Archer. That's all fine and dandy, but a little more information into the status of Evan Longoria would be nice. They mention that he went 1-3 with a walk but that's it. How does his leg feel? How many more rehab games does he think he needs? Something.

Speaking of Durham, Alex Colome makes his Triple-A debut tonight. The 25-year-old shined at Double-A Montgomery and while his walk rate is still high (4.08 BB/9) he's countered that with a 9.00 K/9.

Where do you put him?

Chris Archer would like to return to the big leagues, telling he's fully recovered from an oblique strain that's been bothering him. That's great news and all except for the fact that, barring injury, the Rays have nowhere to put him. He pitched very well in his two starts with the Rays in place of Jeremy Hellickson, though he lost both decisions. In 11.2 innings he had a 3.86ERA/2.32 FIP, 10.80 K/9 and 1.54 BB/9. Lots of other teams may have Archer in their rotation already but the Rays have too much wealth at the big league level.

Seemingly the only chance he has to make it back to the big leagues would be when the rosters expand in September.


  • Over at FanGraphs Alex Remington says they should bring baseball back to the olympics. I agree.
  • Michael Cuddyer hit the worst home run of the season the other night. It was really, really bad.